Tuffle Name Generator (Dragon Ball)

This name generator will provide you with 15 random names for the Dragon Ball series Tuffle race. Tuffles were a race of people who were highly advanced technologically and lived on the Planet Earth. Unfortunately, they have been defeated and killed by the Saiians and are now extinct. Tuffle names, much like the vegetable names, are fruit-based jokes with similar word-play names. Many of the names might not look like they are from fruit, either because you don't know the fruit behind your name or because we changed the original a lot. Any of the forms in which we changed the names of fruit is by switching the order (Nabana instead of banana), leaving out sections (Bana or Nana instead of banana), both (Naba instead of banana) and changing letters (slightly) depending on the pronunciation in Japanese (Meron rather than Melon or Dr Lychee in show instead of Dr. Lychee), as well as several other methods. In other terms, a lot has to be selected.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Tuffle, also known as Triclops or Chi, are a high tech, robotic species native to the planet Plant. But in the universe where they live, they are not able to exist as they did in their original home. Instead they have adapted to the life that they live on Earth, by creating artificial habitats called the Dragon Balls, where they can dwell without destroying the Earth. However, shortly after this, the Saiyans invade the planet, leaving only the Tuffle left. In the tournament of power, it is revealed that the Saiyans actually took over the Tuffle race long before the Dragon Ball tournament. They also have their own army, called the Frieza Force.

During the tournament, Goku comes across a Tuffle who is willing to fuse with him, allowing him to fuse into Piccolo, thus becoming the strongest warrior in the universe, known as the Ultimate Tuffle. He wins the tournament and transforms into a powerful Super Saiyan, in a bid to destroy Frieza. This ends up in his death, but Goku survives, along with Piccolo and Vegeta. But when Frieza destroys the Earth and all its inhabitants, Vegeta, Piccolo and Goku are separated.

The movie Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might is set five years after the battle at the tournament of power. The evil Frieza has become a very powerful being thanks to the Dragon balls he has collected. In order to achieve total victory, Frieza sends a huge army of Frieza Force to attack the Earth, including his son, Frieza's twin brother, King Vegeta. In a bid to save Earth and kill Frieza, Goku must gather all the Dragon Balls and fuse with Piccolo. He succeeds and transforms into a powerful Super Saiyan, and is capable of defeating Frieza in battle.

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