Romulan Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator will create 15 random names at a time, fit for the Star Trek universe Romulan species. Romulans are a Vulcan-related group of humanoids. They have pointed ears like the Vulcans, but most Romulans have two brow ridges, the top ones of which are wider and shaped like a V.Romulans are not the most welcoming of the bunch. They choose to form an alliance with them over far larger animals, though alliances have been formed if it suits their needs. It's no wonder that the Romulans live in a militaristic society, and the political or military rank of a Romulan greatly affects his or her social status. It was extremely important to protect the Romulan Empire and personal honor. Romulan names are very brief, and can be contrasted with Vulcan names, but Romulan names sound more guttural. Female names sound more melodic and typically are longer than male names, although this is not a strict law. The Romulans do not seem to follow a similar trend to the Vulcans, who (used to) have rather gender-specific origins in their name.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Romulan Empire is a fictional alien race in the popular science fiction franchise Star Trek: The Original Series. They first appeared on the show in the episode "The Enterprise Incident", set in the 22nd century. They were featured heavily in The Next Generation episodes "Unification I"Unification II". They also made an appearance in many of the Star trek movies, including: Star trek Generations, Star trek Into Darkness. They were also briefly mentioned by Picard in "Preemptive Strike", where he said that they were at war with the Federation.

In the DS9 episode "Cardassians", Worf says to Sisko that the Romulans had become allies of the Cardassians, but this was actually after the attack on the Klingon colony on Romulus. This is not the first time that the Romulans have been mentioned in Star trek lore. They were featured heavily in many of the TNG and DS9 seasons and even in "Family", where the Romulan leader says that they would like nothing better than to get the Klingons to return to war with the Federation. The Romulan Empire also has a history in a deleted scene in ENT: "These Are The Voyages..." and it has been speculated that the Romulan people were part of the Klingon species before the two races joined together in the 23rd century.

Although the Romulan Wars were not part of the original series, they were featured heavily in several episodes. For example, a Romulan named Kang was the leader of the crew of the Enterprise. Kang is an officer in the service of the Klingon Emperor, which means that he is on a personal quest for vengeance against the Federation. He is also known for having been a member of the Klingon military, as well as for being the founder of the Klingon Home World. There was also the Romulan named B'Elanna Torres, who was a member of the crew of the Enterprise-D and was an ally of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Although they have never actually been seen in person, there are several Romulan characters that appear in various episodes of the show.

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