Magic Type Name Generator

This name generator gives you 15 random magic forms. In a certain sense it's not exactly a name generator, but I hope it's going to help you with your great works of fiction. -- Magic: obviously the broader form as magic can be anything. We recognize forms like 'Death Magic' and 'Holy Magic' as styles where absolutely nothing happens. There are fewer rules for these compared to the next 3 forms. -- Sorcery: the evil equivalent to magic. Sorcery is sometimes considered evil, and the wielder and the target are sometimes corrupted. Then if you need treatment, choose 'Spell Healing' rather than 'Wizard Healing.' -- Conjuring: we consider conjuration magic to be magic that needs some form of energy, whether it originates from the person, the arcane in the air or life itself. Conjuration is not possible without energy (anyway, in our opinion). "Dream Conjuring" thus produces real dreams and "life Conjuring" produces a type of life, but often at the cost of energy. How much depends on the wielder 's power and the spell. -- Bending: we regard bending as the magic that uses existing energy to bend it practically to the wielder's will. So with 'Gravity Bending' somebody can bend the gravitational power and concentrate it or remove it from a certain location. You can use energy with 'Wind Bending' in the form of lightning, batteries or otherwise, charging your devices and killing your enemies. -- Rituals: rituals involve time and more than 1 person in some cases. Rituals are always extremely effective, but can and will reverse fire unless they are performed correctly. More often, rituals are disrupted, so that they are always carried out under high protection or in secret and remote locations. For instance, 'Emotion Magic' can be seen as manipulating other people's emotions or as a magic that changes and grows stronger depending on your feeling. 'Dragon Magic' can only be seen as magic that belongs to dragons, as magic produced and given to others, or as magic that imitates only dragons like their breath of fire.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

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