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This name creates 15 random pirate names. Pirates are a common subject in all kinds of fictional works. Contrary to their real lives, fictional pirates are typically more charismatic and always the hero of a plot. Naturally, not always, and no matter whether they are bad guys or good guys, their names are generally identical. Of course, pirates were people with fairly common names, so in this generator you can also find standard names. But I've added pirate-like surnames to give them a traditional feeling of pirate.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Contrary to popular literature, pirates in real life were rarely named after their actual birth names. Instead, they were referred to as nicknames by their actual birth name. To survive brutal sea life, most pirates had to adhere to strict discipline on board ship, which included strict discipline within the ranks. Some studies would suggest that pirates may have also used nicknames in order to avoid government officials from recognizing them as fugitives from justice. In fact, if you look at some of the world's most notorious pirates, it seems apparent that they did not always choose their actual names.

In the English language, there are only two Pirate names for women. These names, being the first in a line of female Pirate leaders, are called Mary Read and Mary Wise. Mary Reed is said to be named after the famous pirate and Captain of the White Wench, Anne Bonny and Mary read, who was one of the first recorded female pirates. Mary Wise is also said to be named after the same historical figure. Both names mean "the bold". Although many sources list these names, both names have little or no popularity today, likely due to the negative connotations.

Female Pirates were not the only ones who had their own Pirate names. Male Pirates were often named after the vessels they lived in during their time out in the Caribbean and other exotic places, including the Jolly Roger, which was a flag proudly carried by many of the biggest and most prominent Pirates. These names were usually given to the boats of male Pirates, but some stories indicate that a ship's name might have been given based on a member of the crew's gender. While the Jolly Roger has the honor of being one of the most well-known Pirate flags, its original design is still under debate. In most cases, though, the name Jolly Roger is simply derived from the Pirate term "Jolly Roger" and is almost certainly related to the flag itself, so it is considered by most to be a generic term.

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