Avatar (TLA & LoK) Spirit Name Generator

The Spirit World is a living universe parallel plane of life and home to the souls of the divine beings. They come in many different forms, but often represent an aspect of life and death or nature. There have been some spirits, such as Tui and La (moon and ocean spirits) and Wan Shi Tong (library owl), who came into the physical world. Other names move as desired or needed between both planes. Spirit names are often very short, not more than a single syllable. Some have two, like Raava and Vaatu, and spirits such as Hei Bai and Wan Shi Tong have two or three syllables of the same style as the short names for a syllable. Some spirits, like Wan Shi Tong and Hei Bai, have a name that has meaning, but the names in the generator have no meaning (if you donĂ¢ t owe them a fictional one yourself), but the names of the generator do not have any meaning.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is the difference between a spirit and a ghost? The explanation could lie in a single episode in The Legend of Korra, where the spirits take on all types of shapes. Some look almost like animals, others more figurative. One commenter, however, suggests that this theory may also account for the gap between spirit and ghost.

Avatar TLA is a popular story about a young boy who has a vision, or "spirit," telling him to use his bending to create a portal to the spirit world. The story follows the same path as most Avatar stories do: the boy is separated from his friends by a terrible disaster, his friends do what they can to help him, they create a portal with their bending abilities, and the boy travels through it into the Spirit World. Unfortunately, he is not ready for this journey, and when he arrives at the other side, his friends are gone. He then realizes that he must learn to control his bending in order to complete this task. Once he does, he is sent back to the Spirit World, and again, all of his friends have gone. The same thing happens every time this same boy makes this same journey, except now the other people who are supposed to accompany him are all dead.

Avatar: The Last Airbender fans will see in the television show a different kind of spirit, known as the Spirit World's spirits. These spirits do not always take the shape of human beings; sometimes they become animals, sometimes they take on the shape of beautiful, symbolic objects. When we talk about Avatar TLA's spirit world, we are referring to the spirits that inhabit these objects. They are not the Spirit World itself. What makes them different from spirits that exist in the Spirit World is that they are not bound by its laws. This means that they can choose to go where they want to, and come back whenever they want to. The Spirit World, on the other hand, has no such freedom, which means that it is impossible to return to it if you die.

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