Sikh Name Generator

This name generator will send you 15 random Sich names and surnames, but it does not follow the structure 'Singh' and 'Kaur' which had been usual in earlier times. Sich are Sikhs followers of the Sikh faith. There are approximately 25 million Sikhs worldwide and over 20 million of them live in India, and a further one million live scattered across the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA. The female Sikhs used to be kaur, meaning 'princess,' either as their middle or last name. These names are mostly used today as a middle name and not as a substitution for their surnames, in particular in urban areas. This generator produces only the first and last names, mostly to make it easier to pick names before you have found one you love and because it is easy to add the name you want.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Sikh people have lived in the United States for thousands of years. They have maintained their culture and traditions by living peacefully within the limits of our country. In many ways, the Sikh people have been quite successful in their quest for acceptance within the mainstream. Unfortunately, many Americans who live in the cities have never really had the opportunity to experience what living as a Sikh is truly like. Therefore, for many Sikh Americans, having to share their story with people from other countries is an extremely painful experience.

Many scholars and governmental agencies estimate that the estimated Sikh American population to amount to 500,000 people. However, for most American Sikhs, these experiences are generally not so common. Because I am a practicing Sikh and a scholar of this tradition, I have actually studied some of the realities of being a Sikh in the United States today. As such, my purpose in sharing these stories with the world is to empower you, the readers, with information about living in America as a Sikh. As I have said previously, we are all a part of one nation, but not everyone understands that fact. As such, I hope these stories and the experiences shared here will help you become more familiar with what it is like to live as a Sikh.

Being a citizen of the country that I love, America is truly a place where the people are more than just people; they are a part of something bigger than ourselves. It is because of this, that if I were to be able to share some of my experiences, I would like to tell you that being a Sikh American is not all that different than living as an American of any other religion. There is no reason that one can't succeed in life. The only difference that I see is that it can be difficult sometimes to realize this truth. Please take the time to listen to my story and then be aware that the opportunities for success are out there.