Shinigami Name Generator (Bleach)

It gives you 15 random names for the Shingami portion of the Bleach world, but it also matches the Visual and other characters with Japanese-esque names. Shinigami or Death Gods / Soul Reapers are guardians of the Hollow-hunter who kill them to cleanse them and protect humanity from them. They allow souls to communicate safely if they have lost their way. Shinigami normally looks like people, but not everywhere, and has different spiritual intensity. They also have divine powers on their swords, or Zanpakuto, which are their key tool for combatting Hollows and other enemies. Shinigami names are typically false Japanese names, but some have real names. This generator often contains fake Japanese names, but a real one may pop up once in a while. Since the names are randomized, Japanese terms can often be identified technically. If this is significant, it would be wise to check the name you chose. Note also that the names in this generator are in first-name order, much like Japanese names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Shinigami, also known as Black Angels, are extremely frightening entities. They appear to be black and bat-like with a face mask similar to that of a demon. Shinigami are gods or cosmic spirits that encourage humans towards death in some aspects of traditional Japanese religion and folklore. The name Shinigami comes from the word "shin" meaning "death"ga" meaning "angel". Shinigami are commonly associated with death, as they often accompany the souls of the departed to the final rest. In Japanese cultures and mythology, the term shinigamis has been used to refer to a malevolent spirit that comes into the household to cause misfortune.

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