San 'Shyuum Name Generator (Halo)

This name generator will give you 15 random names for the San 'Shyuum, part of the Halo universe. The San' Shyuum are physically weak creatures, at least compared to other covenant species, but they exert absolute power through an unusual ideology that gives them both political and religious influence. 'Prophet of Truth,' 'High Prophet of Mercy,' to name a few, 'Minister of Etiology.' Their names are always the opposite of the manner in which the San'Shyuum behaves with that title. The High Prophet of Mercy, for instance, will show very little mercy. The names and surnames of San 'Shyuum are short, and sometimes guttural. This generator has both common names and titles, so for both the ordinary San 'Shyuum and those who have ascended the political ladder there's plenty to choose from.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

San 'Shyuum, or Prophets by humans, are extremely mysterious species, and amongst the Covenant species, their role is one of utmost importance. San 'Shyuum, sometimes called Prometheans, appears to exercise supreme power over political and religious affairs, thus fulfilling their duty as high leaders. The Covenant, the species that made up the Covenant, were once a highly evolved race that enjoyed the luxury of space travel and development. After the death of its founder, they were forced to work together with the Flood and were ultimately forced to destroy themselves due to the threat posed by the Flood. This group of San 'Shyuum are the survivors of this horrific event, which resulted in them forming the Covenant.

San 'Shyuum have the ability to create Forerunner constructs, including the Dreadnought and a large fleet of ships. They also possess psychic powers, being able to sense a threat to the Covenant by detecting the aura that surrounds the Covenant ship. They are extremely skilled at fighting and possess the ability to easily heal wounds that would be fatal to most Covenant warriors. In fact, the San 'Shyuum is among the most powerful fighters in the Covenant.

In Halo: Reach, San 'Shyuum are featured prominently in the game as one of the main species, especially after the Covenant has been brought to Earth in the Halo 4 mission, The Pillar of Autumn. In this mission, the San 'Shyuum are sent to Earth by the Covenant to oversee the excavation of an ancient Forerunner structure, the Halo, which is found in orbit around Earth. Despite the Covenant's best intentions, the San 'Shyuum fail to protect the artifact from the Covenant's forces. However, the Covenant manages to prevent the artifact from falling into Covenant hands. As a result, the Covenant uses the artifact to activate the Halo, which destroys a large section of the Covenant fleet and causes the Covenant to retreat from the Halo.

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