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The Amish are a traditional christian, known as their simplistic life style, which largely involves the lack of modern technology. This name generator gives you 15 random Amish names and surnames. The Amish are Swiss Anabaptists and there are over 300,000 Amish, most of whom live in the USA and Canada. Because they live in isolation, and because the names of their families are often transmitted, their first names often vary from generation to generation. Most are Biblical, which a typical Christian culture should anticipate. Their surnames are German, which shines a little from their Swiss heritage. Since outsiders seldom enter Amish, surnames in their families seldom alter.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The people who live in an Amish community are known for their modesty and their ability to live a simple life. They wear clothing that is made out of cotton, sometimes even cotton mixed with hemp. Men often wear dress shirts and ties, and women often wear dresses with long skirts and short tops. Their clothing style is quite different than other American traditions, such as wearing white shirts and blue jeans. While the Amish believe in the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, they also do not practice wearing clothes that are frayed, worn, ripped or stained. Many times, the Amish wear clothing that is very old but still very clean and well cared for.

The clothing that is made by the Amish is very unique and is a reflection of the culture. Clothing is generally made out of cotton and linen. Clothes for men are typically made out of linen, which the Amish make into garments. The Amish don't wear fringed hats, scarves or fake flowers.

The Amish have a specific area of the country that they call the "Lodge District," which is the area where all of the Amish people live. The people in this area live in small one-room dwellings that are built on large lots of land. Some of these homes are one story tall and others are only two stories tall. The houses are small and made of wood. They are very beautiful and are located right in the center of the area. The houses are made with a strong wooden foundation and a cement floor.

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