Rifle Name Generator

This generator will offer 15 names that are appropriate for most rifles, such as snipers or muskets, but many names will also work for a number of other weapons. Rifles are available in a variety of shapes and dimensions, and their names too can vary a great deal. However, several of us have a code name that we skipped for this device. Many titles, such as The Oracle, Everlasting Longrifle and Legionnaire, are more fantasy oriented or more nicknames oriented. The first three are ordinary names. The following 2 are generically descriptive names. The two names below are both generic descriptive names but they also have a substance in their names. The last three names are code names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Rifles? A rifle is any gun designed for quick firing, with a shorter barrel which has a helical pattern of spiral grooves cut in the barrel to enable rapid firing. The term has its roots from the French word for "shot" (rifle) and was first used for shotguns used by French soldiers during the Napoleonic Wars. The word has since become universally recognized to describe any type of gun that can be used for a single shot.

As mentioned above a rifle is a one-shot gun designed for rapid firing and generally fired by a single individual. Although it is very similar to a shotgun in some ways, there are some notable differences. A shotgun has a shell casing and a gun uses a bullet or shot. A shotgun, for example, will function in the same manner as a pistol except that you must manually cock the weapon in order to fire it.

Rifles come in a variety of different types. They are designed to fire one shot at a time and are usually less powerful than handguns. However, they are more powerful than many other types of automatic weapons. Because of their effectiveness, a rifle has been used in warfare in many conflicts since ancient times. Today, most modern soldiers use rifles to effectively fight enemies.

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