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This name generator gives you 15 random Inuit names and meaning. The Inuit are an indigenous group living in Alaska , Canada and Greenland. They have around 150,000 inhabitants. There are many Inuit communities, each with its own cultural characteristics and distinctions. The Inuit are also a particular tribe, but the word Inuit is often used for representing all the people traditionally referred to as Eskimo, which is considered by many Inuit to be insulting. At the same time, inuit can not be recognized by the Yupik who are one of the indigenous people of the 150,000 Inuit names mentioned earlier, but in spite of these definitions, there are almost no sex-specific names. Many names are transferred from generation to generation so that a grandson may, for example, obtain the name of his grandmother.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Inuit of Canada are one of the most distinctive indigenous peoples in the world today. Their culture is as unique and as rich as their languages, art and history. The Inuit in the region have a wide variety of dialects, so that they can talk to each other even though they don't use English. Their languages include Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Hivun, token, Kivoosan, Inuvialuktuj, Nok'utun, Pekuiutung and Tainiqun. While there are a few hundred dialects, each dialect shares the same characteristics such as using two to four syllable words and a few sound changes.

There are several Indian languages, which are closely related to the Inuit. Some of these include Inuktitut, Hivun and Tainiqun. It is believed that Inuit started using the English language when they immigrated to North America. According to legend, the first settlers from Europe found the Inuit in a fur-trading post by the Arctic Ocean. This is the source of the name Inuit. The names Inuit are actually connected to the local flora and fauna surrounding the Inuit. "It is a true and real calendar for people living here, day by day, just like us, like mother nature," she says.

Eskimo girl names are very common. The majority of women in this group belong to the Maka'alaagalik and Hwachatak First Nations. They speak various dialects and their languages are very rich and complex. They are also very skilled in the art, dance and crafts. All of their art, culture and traditional ways are very important to them and their community. They live an independent lifestyle as well as a part of their family and community and they carry this cultural identity proudly.

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