Cyberpunk (nick)name Generator

The name generator gives you 15 random names for cyberpunk worlds. Cyberpunk is a science fiction sub-genre that focuses on futuristic dystopian societies. Often stories concentrate on AI, hacking, technological progress, and struggle for survival. As far as names are concerned, cyberpunk appears to be either a common name or a nickname, but it is used as real names. There's, for instance, Neo in the matrix, Saito in Ghost in the shell and Tron in Clu. We concentrated on this generator certain names since there are many true names generators for real names. As the vast majority of these names are also unisex, we did not split the names into males , females and neutrals as three nearly similar lists will be available.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Cyberpunk is an interesting sub-genre of literature, named for the fusion of punk and cybernetics, which makes it a highly creative genre of fiction. Cyberpunk has grown into a huge industry since the 1980s, with numerous books written about it.

The term "cyberpunk" was initially used to describe cyberpunk fiction written in the 1980s by William Gibson. Gibson described cyberpunk as a subgenre of science-fiction, with a focus on high technology and low life, and taking its title from the fusion of cybernetics with punk.

One of the most prominent characteristics of cyberpunk fiction is the use of futuristic technology, in a manner that makes the reader wonder how such technology can exist, or whether it is being abused. Many of the characters in cyberpunk fiction are highly intelligent and capable of inventing technology of incredible complexity. As a result, the readers become curious as to what these technologically advanced people are doing, and what effects their inventions might have on society.

One of the key characteristics of cyberpunk fiction is the strong influence of mysticism. The writers of cyberpunk fiction often deal with the idea of a future in which humans are in control of their own worlds, where only the strong will survive.

Some writers who write cyberpunk fiction deal with political issues, such as the role of technology in society. Others explore the nature of reality and try to predict what a world controlled by computers would be like.

There are many cyberpunk books and stories available online. A quick Internet search will yield thousands of pages of information on this fascinating genre.

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