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Depending upon the service section, sqad names may consist of simple code names with a basic alphabet, generally phonetic alphabet from NATO (alpha, bravo, etc.), or a nickname-based name form which you can find in this generator. The names were divided into three groups. The first three names are nicknames that include the term team, group or squadron at the end. The next three names are identical to the first three, except at the end without a group. The last four names are mission names, such as the "Crisis Management Team" and the "Secret Intelligence Group."

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

If you want a good way to show your team support, it's time to consider what is a Squad. A squad is essentially a group of four players, such as yourself, who form the core of a fighting unit whose Class configuration is your primary goal to control space in a game and destroy your opponent's units while protecting yours. As the squad leader, you can assign each player a role: a primary role, secondary role, and tertiary role. Each character class has four primary roles that you can assign to players individually; the four classes are described below. As with the other characters in the game, these roles are determined by a specific role type. When you are creating your own squad, you will have an unlimited number of characters, so you will need to decide which roles to assign.

When you start a game of Squad, you'll notice that there are three main categories of squads. The most common is the Recon Squad. This is composed of two light vehicles and one light vehicle. As a Recon squad member, you will be able to quickly move around in the game world without feeling like you are encumbered with heavy armor. However, the light vehicle that you choose must be more maneuverable in order to get into combat quickly. If you are playing on larger maps, you may want to consider using a heavy vehicle for these purposes, as it is much easier to maneuver them through the environment.

The Scout class is typically made up of one vehicle and one soldier, and is also the primary role for a Scout. While this class may be a bit slow at the start, it excels at scouting out enemy locations and can quickly move from place to scout out new places. The scout class also has several abilities and weapons that will help it get into trouble and fight back against enemies. If you are playing as a Scout, you will find that your primary weapon is your pistol, which you can use in any number of ways to take down enemies or get into trouble. Another great weapon to use as a Scout is your rocket launcher; this will help you get into battle and get rid of enemy fighters in no time at all. If you do find yourself in trouble as a scout class, you should use the grenade to blow away any enemy fighters and get your teammates out of harm's way.

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