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The name generator will generate 15 Yoruba names randomly. Yoruba is Nigerian and is therefore mostly spoken in Nigeria, although it has spread to other countries of West Africa, such as Benin, and it is available in both communities in Europe and America. There are three kinds of names, names (Oruko Amutorunwa), the name of the animal (Oruko Abiso) and the name of the pet (Oriki). The name is not like a name in most cultures. Rather, it is a name that reflects an important event that happened when the child was born. Not all will possess such a name and as such the name does not have to be on the certificate of birth. The name ascribed is more in line with what many cultures would see in the case of Yoruba, it is a given name following a christening ceremony or a naming ceremony. This name may also reflect an important event, but it can also reflect family traditions. The name of the pet or praise name is somewhat similar to the nicknames but for Yoruba it reflects family origins, traditions and hopes for the future of the child. These names could also be used as an assigned name and should be on the birth certificate in this case.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The largest ethnic group of West Africa is the Yoruba people of Benin, Nigeria. These people are of African descent and share a number of cultural practices with other African peoples. They speak a dialect which is a mixture of Swahili and Ibo. Many of them still practice animism and worship the Earth, Sun and ancestors. They also practice a religion called Wicca that involves a complex set of beliefs and rituals.

Benin, Nigeria is a landlocked country bordered by the Republic of Nigeria and the Central African Republic. Benin is a province of Nigeria and a separate country within the Republic of Nigeria. The largest, scattered groups live around Benin. The Yoruba people speaking in the Benue-Republic of the Nigeria-Congo dialect family. There are some villages in central Benin that speak both Swahili and I'm as their native languages. The dialects are very similar to each other. This is probably because of the mixing of tribal and non-tribal speakers over the years.

Benin was a Dutch colony until 1960 and has been under the rule of several different rulers over the years. It is a part of Nigeria, but the name "Benin" is derived from the ancient Yoruba language "Benue." The capital city of Benin is Port Bemba, which is near the Senegal border. Some people say that Benin is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Africa.

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