Terris Name Generator (Mistborn)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for the terris portion of the cosmere universes of Brandon Sanderson. Terris were humans inhabiting the Scadrial state prior to the Lord Ruler's ascension. They were Feruchemists, meaning they had magical powers of interest to the Lord King. Thus, Terris women were used for breeding programs to ensure that their magic abilities did not continue to live on. Terris men were often castrated, and then served as stewards for the nobility. Terris names are a combination of hard and soft tones, with the soft tones mostly originating from consonant pairs. A 'w' contains several of these sets. Examples include Handerwym, Kwashim, Kwaan and Idashwy. Some are Harathdal. Tellingdwar, Telsin Vwafendel and. Female names are not that different from male names, but they do contain the 'y' more often than not.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The culture of Terris is complex. There are different races of Terris who differ in their customs, their beliefs, and their culture. Most Terris people are castrated at birth and become Terris Stewards for the royalty. The women are most often used as servants in the Lord Ruling's breeding program, in order to breed down the hereditary traits of their people for Ferucheity. If you have a family member who was castrated, that will tell you a lot about their culture. For example, if your grandmother, mother, or any other female in your family were castrated, you will see a lot of differences in your own culture, because the women have been bred to be more fragile.

There are other aspects of Terris culture that the Mistborn are different from. For one thing, most of them have a very religious tradition. For example, the women of the royal family all wear masks. They also use candles and lanterns in many houses. A lot of men and women who live in Terris culture follow the customs of their ancestors, but they have developed them to their own unique style. Many women wear scarves around their necks or around their bodies. They also tie a piece of cloth around their hair to protect their hair from being cut, which is quite common in Terris culture.

Also, there are some other traits of Terris culture that the Mistborn do not have. For one thing, the men wear very little clothing, and the men tend to be taller than the women. If there are a lot of women around, they have the habit of rubbing their breasts against each other, but this is only done on the outside of their bodies. This may be a cultural practice, but is it not seen as a sexual thing by the people of Terris. In fact, some of the women do not even notice that the men have breasts. However, some women in Terris culture are willing to have breasts removed to make themselves more attractive. This is not done in a very invasive way, either, though.