Hakaishin Name Generator (Dragon Ball)

This name generator will send you fifteen random names for the Hakaisin portion of the Dragon ball game. The Hakaishin are destructive gods and are there to balance the Kaioshin or imaginative gods. As the Kaioshin constructs worlds, they are destructed by the Hakaishin. There is one Hakaishin, just as there is one Kaioshin, for each of the twelve universes. Presumably when one of the two dies, the other is not always the same in shows. Hakaishin, unlike Kaioshin, are not always part of the same race. However, the Hakaishin all use the same name for alcoholic beverages. Beerus, Whis (Whiskey), and Champagne. All the names in this generator are identical and are based on alcoholic beverages. We've stuck to the usual names, so no brand or cocktail names ... etc.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

As I've grown up, I've come to learn that the Hakaishin is the most powerful attack in the universe! I know that the dragon ball is all powerful, but there's something about this Hakaishin attack that I can't explain. It's like the power of lightning! I'm going to talk about what exactly the Dragonball's ki blast does with a little bit of my own research on the topic. I'll also explain why this is a great technique to use against Frieza and Goku in the future.

In the 12 universes, there is only a single Hakaishin for each universe, which means they forget about their world's Kaiōshin and just focus on the Hakaishin itself. This leaves you in a position where your opponent will be focusing on using ki blasts or energy balls on you. A lot of people believe that the Hakaishin is very hard to use against Goku and Frieza, but that is very incorrect. The dragon ball doesn't work in the universe that Goku resides in.

The Kaiōshin is an absolute requirement if you want to use the Hakaishin against Goku and Frieza. Why is this so? Because Goku is not capable of using the Kaiōshin to fight Frieza. If the Kaiōshin was available to Goku, he would be unstoppable. In fact, the Kaiōshin is what makes Frieza into a decent fighter. He is only as good as the Kaio-Sai and his abilities as a fighter!

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