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The generator calls you 15 random English calls from the Renaissance period. Renaissance was a time of cultural and artistic rejuvenation in Europe, from 15th to 17th centuries in England. In the 16th century the Elizabethan age is generally considered the height of this revival. Contrary to the Italian Renaissance, which concentrated a great deal on visual arts, the English Renaissance focused mainly on literature and music. A number of Renaissance names still live in some form today, while some others seem either unusual, exaggerated or have only dramatically modified and simplified over time. They will be easy to find for someone who knows any of the English names we use today.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The English Renaissance was an artistic and cultural renaissance in England, which began in the late 13th to early 14th centuries. Like many of the northern European countries, England also saw little of these changes until much more than a decade later. The renaissance also saw changes in architecture and art. A large part of this change was because the middle class began to emerge in England in this period. While the Renaissance also brought about the arrival of new elements of the arts like music, drama, and painting, it also left a lasting impression on the English language.

In addition to these cultural changes, there were also changes to the English language. This change included new forms of the written language, which took their roots from the Roman alphabet. Some of these changes included the addition of new vowels such as o, a e, and u. Additionally, new spelling conventions were introduced including the addition of letter sounds which were not originally found in English words. The influence of the Renaissance in the language is still seen today. Many of the words and names that are derived from the culture are the result of the influences of the Renaissance in the language. Other words and names which have become popular from this time period include such common words as "Renaissance man," "Renaissance woman," "Renaissance lawyer," and "Renaissance king."

The Renaissance is also an influence on the language of Latin America. The influence is quite noticeable due to the fact that most Latin American nations were still part of the Catholic Church during the middle ages. As a result, Latin American people were required to use the Latin alphabet for both writing and reading. It was not until the nineteenth century that these Latin American countries began to convert to English as their primary language. It is interesting to note that English is often used as the primary language in places such as Brazil where there is little contact with other cultures.

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