Kel Dor Name Generator (Star Wars)

This generator of names will produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Kel Dor race. The Kel Dor are a race of very strange looking humanoids. They have a gaping hole starting where a nose would usually be, and continuing down to their low ears. There are no teeth in this mouth, but just strands of flabby skin. There are sensory organs on the sides of their heads which look a little like shriveled up wrinkly skin. These organs descend down their facial sides and end in 2 pairs of black tusks. Since the Kel Dor originates from a world with a helium-rich atmosphere, they have to wear breathing gear and protective goggles to live and see on many other planets. The names of Kel Dor are very melodic and gentle, but a few harsh tones here and there alter the overall sound of the names. There's not much difference between male and female names, but female names may be longer and have some elements that might vary from male names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Kel Dor species were a highly advanced sentient race native to the world of Dorin. In order for them to survive in oxygen-rich environments, they had to wear special breath masks that covered their mouths and nose. An interesting Kel Dor in fact was Jedi Master Plo Skywalker, who served as a member of the Galactic Republic's Jedi High Council before the fall of the Galactic Republic. As the Galactic Republic collapsed, Skywalker went into exile and sought out the dark side of the Force, eventually becoming Darth Vader, the first Darth Vader.

Vader was instrumental in the creation of the Death Star and was instrumental in destroying the Galactic Republic. He led the Dark Side of the Force to attack the Republic's capital, Alderaan, which led to the destruction of the entire Republic fleet. Vader's actions and Vader's philosophy have made him a symbol of evil, but the truth is that Vader has actually been the hero of the Galactic Republic. The Emperor was defeated at the Battle of Endor, the Emperor's fleet was destroyed, and the Emperor himself died in the destruction of his fortress. Vader did this by sacrificing his life, in what was considered the ultimate sacrifice in the Galactic Republic. The Empire then was forced to end its own existence. Although some Imperial officials were unhappy with Vader's efforts, most supported his methods and were grateful for the efforts he had made for the Galactic Republic.

Darth Vader, however, did not live to see the full effects of his actions. He died of carbon poisoning while still aboard the Death Star and his spirit was brought back to finish off his enemies and bring down the Galactic Empire once and for all. Vader did make a difference in the galaxy, though, and the galaxy has come to understand his philosophy. Even after his death, Vader was never forgotten, but rather he became a force of nature that swept the galaxy into a new age of peace and harmony. Vader's teachings and vision have become a part of the culture of the New Republic. and the Galactic Republic has come to take in many people from every part of the galaxy that want to learn from Vader's example and ideals.

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