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This generator calls you 15 random Tahitian calls. Tahiti is a small Pacific island and is part of French Polynesia. It is the largest and most populated island in this region with approximately 200,000 inhabitants. The majority, about 70 percent, are descendents of Polynesians who settled between 300 and 800 CE on these islands. Tahitian names are very confusing, at least for outsiders, because Tahitians do not have an clear understanding of names such as most of the world. Names are not granted on the basis of significance, nor do they last for life. Names can change depending on life events, the organization in which an individual is, where they are, etc. Some names can be amazingly long, while others are sweet and simple. However, they are very melodic, which in some way indicates Polynesian roots.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Tahitian names are full of sun, poetry and beautiful Pacific Ocean - the other side of this planet! Tahiti (pronounced TAH-tay-ee-eh) is one of those rare islands that share a border with a major landmass, which makes it unique from most island chains. The Tahiti language (or more commonly known as Reo Tahiti) is widely used on the Society Islands, on French Polynesia. Although French is generally used, Tahiti's native tongue is also used in many areas: in journalism, on local television stations (both French and English) and even in court cases, because Tahiti is often referred to as its own country.

Tahitians come from several ethnicities, which are linked to their geographic features: some have a close relation to Polynesians, others a more distant one, others even an island like Hawaii or Easter Island. These names also reveal something about the people who have chosen them. Tahiti names can be taken from Hawaiian gods, legends or places, for instance. Other names are based on islands: Lanikai (Lanai meaning "to look out of"), Hanauma (meaning "big island"), Kukui (meaning "water place") and Haupia (meaning "sea"). Some names are derived from local dialects: Maui means "one" and Maukila means "one whose family has lived in this place since times immemorial".

It doesn't matter if you want to use Hawaiian, French or Tahiti names for your family or your business. This is a wonderful island that will be very rewarding for the efforts you have made to preserve its cultural heritage. The place will also be enriched by using different names from different parts of this fascinating island - after all, that's part of this culture!

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