Celestial Name Generator (Marvel Universe)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for the Celestials portion of the Marvel Universe. Celestials are a species of extremely powerful, divine beings created by the first universe or First Cosmos at the beginning of the universe. It was out of sheer isolation that these celestials were created by the First Cosmos, who in turn created their own life forms to either appease the First Cosmos or fulfill their own personal wishes. The First Cosmos saw those who wished their life forms to rise, evolve and die as insane, and these Celestials were considered to be rebels, which ultimately sparked a war between them and the loyal celestials. Before the war, the celestials were as numerous as the stars, but their numbers were significantly reduced by the war. Celestial titles are fairly melodic and often contain a description such as "the experimenter" or "the Gatherer" Celestials normally appear as either male or sexless humanoids dressed in armor or as a species they select, as did Ego in the Galaxy Vol Guardians. 2. There is one known celestial female who appears, the Celestial Madonna, but she has no name. As such we treat all the names as unisex.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Celestials are an ancient race of beings who possess enormous energy and spiritual control powers. They have been present long before the birth of the Asgardian civilizations and the Galactic civilizations. Their influence is felt in both the comic books and the TV series of this universe. The celestial beings of our Earth civilization are not only the deities of one religion or another, but also the messengers of an unseen entity known as the Old Gods. The Old Gods are a race of cosmic entities known to the Old Ones and their mortal followers as the Eternals.

The Celestials don't care what happens to the mortals that live amongst them or what lies beneath the ground. Their purpose is simply to keep the peace among all life forms. When the celestial beings are involved in any battle, they are always at the top of the list and are usually able to send their armies and weapons to attack their opponents. The Celestials and their servants serve the gods on the battlefields of our world and act as their warriors and guards. When one of these celestial beings dies they are no longer with us and they are not able to protect us as they did before they came into existence. These celestial beings are like powerful immortal spirits who can only exist in the heavens.

There are many different characters, individuals and races of Celestials throughout the history of this universe. Some of the most popular characters that are featured in the television shows and comic books are the Silver Surfer, The Black Dwarf, The Collector and The Grandmaster. In the Marvel comics there are the Celestials called the Sovereign, The Vishanti, The Eternals, The Celestials and The Skrulls. The Celestials also have their own series in the television show called the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Celestials themselves have a website and many of their members can be found online as well. Other celebrities that are featured in the comic book series of this group include The Collector, The Grandmaster and The Collector's Daughter.

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