Telugu Name Generator

This generator will send you fifteen random Telugu names and surnames. Telugu is a Dravidian language spoken by approximately 75 million people in the South of India. It is the third largest language in India and the fifteenth largest in the world. This is also one of the few officially recognized languages in India in more than one Indian state. Telugu names, once romanized, differ widely. Several are only 2-3 characters long, others are over a hundred. The longer names may make names seem unbelievably complicated and complicated, particularly when paired with a long surname, but often the name is romanized because the names in the Telugu script are typically shorter. Naturally, in some cases the pronunciations are still very long, and so even if the written form in Telugu is short, a spoken form can also be difficult for those who do not know Telugu or related languages and their naming conventions.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Telugu is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mostly by Telugu speakers mainly living in the southern Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu state of Karnataka, where it also has been the official language for several years now. The word "Telugu" came from a Sanskrit term "Tulu". There is another version of the story about the origin of the term. According to the version, "Tulu" was the name of the river flowing through India and it was also the name of a powerful king, and the title "Krishna" was given to him by the king because of his immense power. Some other versions say that the term "Telugu" was formed when the Sindhu trees in India fell into disuse and the local people used them as a tree name.

Today, it is one of the most popular way of learning Telugu, since it is not only easy to understand but also very easy to read and speak. People who are interested in learning Telugu can look forward to many advantages. For one, it will give you a comprehensive idea of this language and all the other language that can be learned in Telengana. Secondly, since it has a very rich and intricate history and rich cultural values, it is ideal to learn the language in such a setting. Also, it is important for people who have an interest in language and want to get started on the learning of Telugu.

Today, you will find Telugu being spoken in all parts of India. It is not uncommon to hear people speaking Telugu with English translation. If you would like to learn Telugu, it can be done through private tutoring institutions or through distance learning programs. Some schools also teach students the basics of Telugu in their high school level and give them a basic vocabulary of the language. This can help students in getting started with the learning process. However, it is quite important for the learner to be prepared in writing Telugu sentences using an alphabetical order. Since English translation often uses different forms of lettering, such as Roman numerals and Arabic numerals, the learner needs to learn the alphabet and pronounce the sentence in that order before writing the next word.