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Aragon is an independent town in north-east Spain with a population of approximately 1.3 million, but a small fraction of the population speaks Aragonese. This generator will send you 15 Aragonese random names and surnames. The overwhelming majority speak Spanish, the official language of the country. However, there are many variations between Aragonese and Spanish, and some of these are evident when you equate Spanish names with Aragonese names. You may argue that Aragonese was a Spanish dialect, similar to Catalan, but there are various variations between Spanish and Aragonese, both collectively and separately, so they are not considered dialects.

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Aragon is one of the most famous and important regions of Spain. It was the last part of Iberia to be conquered by the Arabs. The original name of the region was Aragornia, which means "land of the kings" or "kingdom of kings." In the Middle Ages, the region was a major commercial center, and by the 15th century the main city of Granada had become one of the biggest cities in Spain and the fourth-largest city in all of Europe. Although the area's importance waned after the arrival of Christianity, it has been a popular destination for tourists ever since. Today, it is an ideal tourist destination, with many different hotels, restaurants, and sights to see.

The people of the region of Aragon are a mix of French, Greek, and Spanish. The original territory encompassing this region included Andalusia (also known as Asturias), Andalucia, and Cadiz. Although the original population declined, they have rebounded in recent years and there are even some Spaniards now speaking their language. The main cities of the region, including Granada, are situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, which is one of the few parts of Spain that is not influenced by Moorish influence.

There are a number of ways to spell the name of the region, which is Aragonese, and there are also a number of regional variations, including Catalan, Castilian, Iberian, and others. Some of the most common variations are Castell, Catalana, Catalunnia, or Catalunian. Regardless of the spelling, the region is called Aragon in a variety of places, including maps, history books, and various newspapers. Other areas that are sometimes called Aragon include Aranje, Asturias, and Almeria.

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