Benzite Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator will produce 15 random names at a time, fit for the Star Trek universe benzite organisms. The benzites are an organisms of dark, smooth skinned humanoids. Their skulls appear very bulging, resulting in an overhanging section reaching down just above the mouth. Two tiny tendrils hang from here, but they do not appear to have any purpose. One of the Benzites' extraordinary features is their extra opposable thumb at each hand. Benzites have another eye, while humans have a pinky. Benzites are rather diligent, which may explain why the relationship between the Benzites and the Federation began slowly. But as progress was made, partnerships became deeper, leading to an exchange program of officers with the goal of knowing each other's culture better. Benzites also started to enroll in the Academy, as the curriculum became more popular and successful. In canon works there are only 3 names Benzites, 2 males (Mordock and Mendon) and 1 female, (Hoya). However, the names are 2-3 syllables long and consist of mostly hard consonants according to one source. If a name includes a softer consonant, it's going to be pronounced harder than we would usually pronounce it as. So we didn't have much to work with, but we think we've been able to build a generator that produces fitting names. We've made the female names a little more melodic, based solely on the name 'Hoya' but they still have a lot of rough sounds.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

You probably don't know much about the history of your Benzite or Star Trek characters, so let's get down to the basics. Benzite (also known as "Borg") is an alien life form indigenous to the stars. It is roughly similar in appearance to Humanoids but shorter and much weaker. Their bodies are more like animal skin, with a thick, smooth outer covering ranging from a soft, tan color to a deep, purplish-blue color.

The main characteristics of Benzite are their blood, which is extremely rare (less than 5% of the body's blood) and very red. The skin is very thin and is covered with a translucent, waxy exoskeleton. This exoskeleton also contains a series of organelles (small disks with hair-like growths on the outside), called "seeds". Their eyes are located at the back of their head and are covered in a thin membrane. Their ears are set very high, allowing them to hear vibrations and impulses from all over the universe.

Some common Benzite names come from popular Star Trek movies and television shows. For example, "Deckard" is named after the Enterprise character who was genetically altered to have blue blood, and "Picard" is named after the captain of the ship. The most commonly used Star Trek Benzite name for a villain is "Klick" from the show's first season. (This may seem like a stretch, but in the script, the villain was referred to as "the Clique". The name was eventually changed to "Click" due to a licensing agreement.) Finally, the Klingon name for the Klingons is "Kli" (pronounced Klee). Other common Star Trek Benzite names are "Hijack", "Lazarus", and "Borg".

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