Changeling Name Generator (Dungeons & Dragons)

The name generator gives you fifteen names the usually suit the changes in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Changes are creatures capable of forming into other humanoids, so long as their own body size and structure are identical. Their natural bodies are pale, slim, with pupil-free eyes and their hair is often light metallic. Changes have a strong opportunity to misuse their influence, but many of them simply move into another culture, live ordinary lives and blend in to escape discrimination and stigmas of their kinds. Changes are very brief, with 2 syllable names being an exception, and one syllable names as the rule. They also have names that are part of the community of the institutions in which they change, because they are part of the changes that they choose to incorporate. In such instances, we suggest that you use other name generators to select a name from whatever course your change is changed.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Changelings are an elemental race of sapient, intelligent beings native to the planeswalkers' plane of Dominaria. As one of the five elemental races of magic, the changeling is able to tap essence from the multiverse to cast a wide variety of magical effects. It is said that one's skin can change to fit any shape or form. Their appearance is often malformed and they have short, stubby fingers. A changling does not sleep, and its true form cannot be seen by other creatures. It only changes to match the current form of its master.

Dragons are also elementals of this plane. Dragons of this plane are known as the "Lord of Dragons" because they are the most powerful of all the elementals. Dragons of this plane are also known for being immortal. These dragons live in their own realm called the Dragonspear Caverns. There they rule over a group of lesser dragons known as the Dragonfly Swarm leader, which are also called the Dormant Dragons. These dragons will sometimes fight one another to decide who will become the ruler of this world.

Dragons are usually very hostile towards other creatures. In some cases they even attack humanoids unless they act out of kindness. However, dragons are often very good and noble creatures. They are very protective of their masters and will work with them at all times if possible. Dragons can be found in many places of this plane, but the most common places are the Dragonspear Caverns and the Abyss.

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