Ferengi Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator can produce 15 random names at a time, fit for the Star Trek universe Ferengi species. The Ferengi are a breed of small humanoids with reddish brown skin, giant ears, ridges around their nose and forehead, and a skull that looks like it fits tightly around a brain. Their brains are actually four-lobed and can not be understood by telepathic animals. Their large ears also give them exceptional hearing, allowing them to say what gender and animals someone belongs to, even though the sound is distorted when the voice is distorted. Female Ferengi hardly had any protection. They were not allowed to make a profit, they were not allowed to have political views or beliefs, let alone any real thoughts, because women were not expected or wanted to. Despite their treatment of their wives, the Ferengi males never resorted to slavery or other abuses when it came to business and making a profit, which they felt made them superior to races who did resort to it. Not surprisingly, only a few female names are listed in canon, but an abundance of male names. Male names are long from 1-3 syllables, but 3 is very unusual. The names sometimes sound a little guttural while some of them are very melodic. Female names appear to sound more melodic and can last for up to 4 syllables. They may sometimes include guttural parts, but typically the melodic component is more dominant.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Ferengi are extremely aggressive and cunning species who are often depicted as greedy and malicious. This may be due to their strict upbringing, or due to their natural instinct to hunt down those that do not share their culture and ways. The Ferengi were given their title by the Galactic Federation when they first appeared on the original Star Trek series. They were first shown in "The Trouble With Tribbles." Although the Ferellis have since been made to appear as a bit more evil, there is still much about the Ferellis which can be explained in terms of their aggressive nature. In addition to the Star Trek ferengi ship names, there are also several other names which were given to the original Ferengi crew.

The most popular Ferengi name is of course the female version, Tilly. The original Ferellis had many names which were used for different occasions; one was named after her mother, the female version of whom was named Tilly. The Ferello name could have been derived from a language called "Ferengan" which has long existed on the planet Ferell. The Ferello ship names can be traced back to that name.

The other main character in the first Star Trek series was Zek, a male Klingon. The most popular Ferego name was Zek. The name could possibly be derived from a dialect that is related to Ferellese, a Klingon language spoken on Ferellin.

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