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This generator will create 15 random Japanese names in romanized versions. Note: surnames are written before first names, which is also the order in this generator. Japan, the 10th largest nation in the world by population, is a republic of East Asia with over 126 million inhabitants. Japan is also renowned for its contribution to new technology, its history of entertainment and its solid economy.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Japanese language is spoken by over 128 million native-speakers, mainly in Japan, but also in Taiwan and Hong Kong. It belongs to the Japonic language group, which also includes Korean and Tibetan. Japanese consists of five basic words: jama, meaning 'the present'; Ku, meaning 'language'; ki, meaning 'culture'; and san, meaning 'person'. A person who speaks Japanese often uses the honorific of o, or 'you' - for example, osanpasu (you're welcome) in polite situations, and oasis (you're very much) in informal ones. The other words of the alphabet are hiragana, katakana and kanji. Japanese uses many different pronunciations of the sounds used to form its words, as well as different combinations of sounds.

Japan is a country in Asia, lying between the Asian continent and the Pacific Ocean. Its population is divided geographically into three parts, namely Japan (capital), Korea (namely Manchuria), and China (province). There are also small islands scattered around between these regions. Japan is also one of the most important religious centers of the world, with the Japanese Church serving the entire country. This diversity is reflected in the various aspects of Japanese language, culture, history and geography.

The language of Japanese, as well as the Japanese language, culture, history and geography, are closely related to Chinese. The influence of Chinese on Japanese language and culture can be seen in words such as "sai", meaning "city", and "yakyuu" meaning "forest". Japanese uses the character for "tree" as the first character of "kyuu" (forest); and the character for "cabbage" as the second, and uses the same letter for the word "sai" as it does for the word "kyuu". Also, in the words "kyuuketsu" meaning 'mountain' and "kakuzu" meaning 'waterfall', the Chinese characters used are actually the Japanese equivalent. On the other hand, the two major aspects that are clearly influenced from Chinese are the words for 'school', 'road', 'road-way', and 'route'. Japanese language uses the characters for'school'route' in a combination of two different ways: one way, for both directions; and in both directions for a different meaning.

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