Shardmind Name Generator (Dungeons & Dragons)

This name generator gives you 15 names that usually match the species of the Shard mental in Dungeons and Dragons. The Shard minds are intangible force beings represented in a humanoid crystal body. The humanoid shape has been chosen to best match with other humanoids around the world, although there are no male or female sharminds, they typically choose a more feminine or male body. They don't need food or sleep or breathe. Shardminds are parts of the broken Living Gate, which were born to restore the Living Gate, but there are 3 separate theories about how to do this. The 'Concept Maker' is trying to create a new life portal with psychic powers. The followers of 'God Shard' want as much power as possible because they are part of the Living Gate and therefore part of the force that stops the Far Kingdom from damaging the World. The Shard Slayer claims that once Shardmind dies, it will return to the site of the Living Gate to protect itself against the Far Kingdom. For this purpose, the "Shard Slayer" will try to kill as many Shardminds as possible , particularly if they are supporters of the philosophy "God Shard" or "Thinking Creator." Many are curious and want to discover everything, but others adhere to their true goal of restoring the Living Doors. Shardminds are often emotionally restrained, but when an emotion becomes apparent, it is generally highly restrained. So a shard mind isn't distracted, entertained, or frightened, it's angry, excited, and terrified.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Shardmind are ionic crystalline entities composed of thousands of small shards of yellow, green, red, or blue crystal arranged in humanoid form and animated by an entity of pure psionic force. The most unique aspect of Shardmind names is that the name is generated by a player from one of twelve randomly chosen words. Shardmind names have no meaning other than they are randomly selected and the word used is the name of the person you are naming your character. This gives a unique dimension to the experience and helps keep the story grounded in reality.

Shardmind names are generated by a player from one of twelve randomly chosen words. Shardmind names take no more time or effort to generate than any other word. The name you choose should be something that you personally enjoy and use often. It is also important to not use your real name when you are naming your character because they will have very little memory about you and what you look like. Instead, it should be something that is easy to remember and say in casual conversation. If you have any nicknames that you would want to associate with your Shard, then consider including them in your name. Shardmind names are a wonderful way to bring you and your character to life.

You should also make sure that your Shardmind names come up with meanings that match the personality of your character. For example, your character is known as the "Mage". If you choose a name that has the word "mage" in it then it will give the impression that you are a powerful and dangerous individual. Make sure that the word is as descriptive as possible so that you do not offend anyone with your choice of word. Using the appropriate word in your Shardname will help create a memorable experience for your player.

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