Lantean Name Generator (Stargate)

This name generator will send you 15 names that will normally match the Stargate universe lanteans. The Lanteans are Ancients who left their own galaxy and made it for the Pegasus galaxy after leaving the Milky Way, where all of the other Ancients spread their power. The Pegasus galaxy, which the Lanteans filled with life, soon became a feeding ground for the Wraiths and since then they have been in constant battle with the Lanteans. Male lantean names are typically very long and complex, whereas female names appear to be more melodic and simpler to understand. They have some vague Greek influences, but that's not always the case for male names, particularly not.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Lantean culture is one that evolved out of the planet Earth and into space. The original civilization was a group of scientists and explorers who discovered a planet named "Lantean". It was a planet in the solar system, and was a part of the "Seed System". They explored the planet and discovered a way to harness the energy of its sun, which was an element they needed to create the life forms they had created on their planet. Their civilization went on to evolve into what we know today.

They first found the elements they needed to create the blueprints for their space ships and space stations, but when they tried to bring these materials back from their trip, they failed to bring back the right amount. These failures resulted in a series of wars that lead to the downfall of the Lantean race and their eventual extinction. In the end, they were forced to leave their planet behind and travel to a planet called Earth where they could live the lives they had always dreamed of.

There they continued to create new technology and other tools for the people of Earth, and to make sure that their civilization would never die. Their planet Earth was in great need of their knowledge and technologies, so they decided to return there to help out the people and help them achieve their goals. Unfortunately, the Lantean race did not live long enough to be able to make a full transition back to their home planet. They made a brief but significant impact on the world of science, because they left behind some of their technology in order for future generations to use.