Mechari Name Generator (Wildstar)

This name generator gives you 15 random names for the Mechari part of the universe of the Wildstar. Created by the Eldan to interface with other civilizations in the galaxy, it became, instead, a dominant and cruel force which sought complete dominion over the Dominion. The names of Mechari are quite complex. Their first names have Latin and Greek roots, but they are not as strongly interwoven with more mechanical tones than the Cassian highborn. The mechanical aspect seems in many cases to be the most prominent. Mechari surnames are like a compound when they begin with a Latin or a Greek letter or another similar part. A technological sounding part is then followed, although this is often open to interpretation. It can never be 'bot,' however, as this is regarded as offensive.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The first of the Wildstar clan was the clan of the Wildwing, a group of fierce warriors that were devoted to the Emperor. These warriors had their own army and were dedicated to the Emperor and the military of Nexus. The Wildwing clan was led by Emperor Aurin and his advisors, including the leader of the clan, General Rakan. When the Wildwing clan was dissolved in favor of the Aurin Dynasty, Aurin made a promise to the Archon that would last for many generations to come, and that was to unite the clans into a single force against the evil faction of the Horde. Aurin was then elected Highlord, a position of honor in his clan, and it was to be held by him until his death.

The Wildstar clan was also known to be fierce warriors, but were also very wise and cunning individuals. The Wildwing clan was an organization that did not have a hierarchy as some clans do today. This was something that was quite unique to the Wildstar clan and their culture. There was no such thing as a boss' boss and when one became a part of the clan, they took on the title of Clan Chief and held the rank of warrior until they left the clan and joined another. In addition, each clan was responsible for their own fighting forces and was responsible for sending them to battle, and were also responsible for the upkeep of their own bases in Nexus, including keeping the base secure.

Many of the other clans of the Wildstar clan had different names. One of the clan names that was used was the clan of the Wildwing, or the clan of the Wildwing Army. The name of the Wildstar clan, which has been used since the beginning of Wildstar, was named after the Wildwing clan that was in charge of the Aurin Dynasty and the clan that Aurin headed. Aurin was actually from the same clan that killed Aurin was a former member of that clan. Another of the clan names used during the time of the game was the clan of the Skywalkers. This clan name was given to the Wildstar clan when the Archon was named as its leader, a title that was earned by the Archon after being named Highlord. After the clan was named as such, the Skywalkers went on to form their own clan, and the name of the clan was changed to the clan of the Skywalkers.

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