Bandit Name Generator

This name generator produces names that are appropriate for criminals, robberies, con artists and other forms of robbers. The names are based on surnames to establish a sense of banditry. They can be named according to their credibility, appearance or even robbery. No last names are available, but some first names can also be used as a last name. There are plenty of real names to give you surnames.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

When the bad guys are really renegade radicals with an underlying cause, they may choose a name based upon events or ideals. For example, if the bad guys are the ones who are occupying a castle or city in an unjust regime, they may decide to call themselves the "Bandit Queen's Brigade". They may also choose names based upon their unique abilities such as thieves and swindlers. The names of the bad guys could be taken from different situations and the band of rebels. For example, if the Bandit Queen's Brigade were a group of female thieves they could call themselves the "Bandit Queen's Beauties". However, if they were fighting against a regime that oppresses and abuses its citizens, they could use their skills and resources to fight against this evil regime.

When using bandit names in fantasy settings, you should always look into the characters of these characters so that their character names will not sound like a random phrase. For example, if the bandit leader in your story is named "The Sheriff" in a game you have to use a name other than "The Sheriff". In fact, you need to look up the character and find out more about him or her before choosing the appropriate name for your characters. If you do not do this, then your characters will come across as "Bandits" more than they will be named "Sheriffs"Bandit Queen's Brigade".

Of course, the bandit of your fantasy settings will be named after the character and his or her band. You may need to think about how the bandit is a member of the rebel forces. Perhaps they were given a mission to kill a prominent member of the regime, but they were able to get there in a way that made their lives more dangerous than what they expected. This would make them more memorable and your stories better. If you were playing a game where this was the case, you would want to give your group more personality than simply a group of misfits. If you give your characters unique personalities, then your players will have a great sense of adventure when they come face to face with these characters.

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