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This generator name will give you 15 names for cavemen generally, including for example Neanderthals, but also the former modern human beings. All cavemen 's names are strictly based on the names we currently today, and they are often relatively simple names such as Zug, Darg, etc. Some of them give them more complicated names, others don't give them names, but whatever names they have, is unknown because there are no records. The more advanced the cavemen, the more abstract the titles are in literature, but that still does not have to be the case. Moreover, names like Bill, Bob, Anne, and May are as plain as names like Zug, because it's just the sound that varies, not the meaning, when you compare the two.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A caveman has been a popular stock character representation of primitive man at the dawn of civilization. The popularity of this type dates back to the early twentieth century, when Arthur Keith and Marcellin Boule first portrayed Neanderthal man as "ape-like"simian." The idea that Neanderthal man was somehow more evolved than earlier hominids has fueled a whole subculture surrounding his appearance in the media.

Cavemen and Neanderthals have been featured in many books, documentaries, and films over the past century. Some of these portrayals are highly exaggerated, while others are based on solid scientific evidence. Many people are surprised to learn that they are actually quite similar in their physiology. Many people will argue that because there are no big brains in their skulls, it makes them less evolved than human beings who possess such characteristics.

A study published in Science Magazine found that a few hundred thousand years after our ancestors began building their anatomies, they lost the ability to produce a large amount of enamel on the inside of their jaws, which had previously helped prevent tooth decay. These results have led some people to conclude that they did not have big brains, and therefore, had a primitive form of civilization. This hypothesis is supported by the fact that they were known for hunting large game animals.

Cavemen were also noted for being relatively peaceful creatures by our evolutionary standards. They had relatively little aggression and violence. Because their society consisted of several hundred individuals, they had very little competition with other members of their species. They had no need for a complicated division of labor.

Although our ancestors have since adapted to the changes brought about by modern society, we still retain some characteristics from the cavemen. Humans have developed a greater sense of social responsibility and an appreciation for beauty. They have also developed the ability to make complex tools, such as spears, that were once exclusive to animals.

Cavemen and Neanderthals have both left their mark on our lives in various ways. In many respects, we owe a lot to them. The best thing that we can do is to acknowledge their presence in our history and use their traits constructively.

Because of their impact on human history, we should consider the possibility of creating a museum where we can view these prehistoric relics. In doing so, we would be able to better understand the nature of the changes that have occurred in human anatomy, and hopefully, we would learn how they might be used in modern society.

The cavemen of our time, as well as the cavemen of the past, have played an important part in the shaping of our modern society. As a result, we owe them much.

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