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This generator of names will name 15 random Kazakh names and surnames. Kazakhstan is a nation with a population of approximately 17,5 million in Central Asia. Most are Kazakh, but approximately one quarter are Russian or have a clear Russian background. This is primarily because of their past as Kazakhstan once was part of the Russian Empire. This background is reflected in the names of Kazakh people , particularly their surnames. Before the Russians the Kazakhs had no surnames, but they used the Russian patronymical system for many of their surnames after new laws had been put into effect. This means that most surnames end with 'ev' or 'ov,' which is a suffix equivalent to the prefix 'father' or 'son' suffix, such as 'the son' in 'Johnson.'

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Kazakhstan is a landlocked country in Central Asia with its capital of Astana being on the Krasnoyarsk River, in the Northern part of the country. Kazakhs are predominantly Turkic speaking ethnic group of Turkmen, Tajik, Karakalpak, Bashkir and Hazara. The Kazakhs are nomadic herders and were originally farmers. They settled down in Khorezm along the Volga River, in Mongolia in the early 13th century and then moved further west to the plains of Central Asia. The Kazakhs are the biggest ethnic minority in Central Asia. They speak an Indo-European language, which is the language of ancient Persia.

Kazakhs usually use only one name for themselves or their family members, and usually do not use last names. In fact, Kazakhs are proud of their cultural identity, and hence their name. The language is quite close to Russian and English, but does not contain any Russian words. This is why Kazakh last names can be difficult to learn. Kazakhs have some Slavic roots but are Turkic by descent. So the first name or family name you might try is "Vladimir", after the founder of the Kazakhs, whose name is "Vladimir." Or you could try "Vladimir" and then simply use the patronymic as part of the name.

God names for Kazakh people are different from Russian. God names are usually the patronymic form of their name. And most god names for Kazakhs are either masculine or feminine. So, the patronymic forms are: "Vladimir," "Mikhail," "Nuri," and "Yuri." You can also consider making up your own name for yourself by choosing a name of one of the sons or daughters of your father. Also, you may want to think about naming a child after a person from your family tree who is an important figure in Kazakh culture. That way, the name you come up with will be more of an extension of your family name.

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