Rito Name Generator (Legend Of Zelda)

This generator will create 15 random names appropriate for the Zelda Universe Legend Rito. The Rito is a race of bird-like humanoids, with a beak-like nose and wings. Their exact look varies from game to game, some looking much more like a bird than others. The Rito originally originated from the Zora, but between the two species there is barely any resemblance left, both in terms of culture and appearance. Rito names are very melodic, although there are certainly exceptions. Male names differ from names such as Basht and Teba, to names such as Kogoli and Gesane. Female names vary from Cree and Saki to Kotts and Bedoli. All the female names with 3 syllables seem to end in -li, so we've also stuck to this convention on naming. However, this may merely be a mistake with a very small pool of names from the games.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Rito, Gerudo and Zora are the three main races of Hyrule. The three races, in turn, can be divided into two categories. In Hyrule there are Rito, which are basically small birds, Gerudo, which are mostly giants and Zora, which are basically fish, turtles and whales. These three races all have a variety of different appearances, with varying levels of intelligence and skill. The only difference between the three is the color of their skin, as they all come in all colors of green and red.

Zora are usually found swimming on large islands and lakes in the ocean. They are often seen with their fins pointing outwards. A Zora is an amphibious creature that can breathe underwater by using the 'Breath', and it can fly using its feet. A Rito is a large, wild-looking creature. Rito names are named after the shape they take when walking. Some Rito names have been chosen because the creature is found swimming on land, while others are named after the shape they assume when walking underwater. For example, Link's Rito name is LinkBotw.

When you meet up with a Rito, Gerudo or Zora, they will ask for help to get back to their home, which is usually a cave or hilltop. They will tell you to find the items needed for them to reach their home. You can either help them by finding the required items, or by fighting your way through to their cave or home. Once you have found the items the creature needs, you must take them back to where the creature is located.

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