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This generator of names generates 15 random Edwardian names and surnames. The Edwardian period is from 1901 to the First World War (1914). During this period, King Edward VII reigned in Great Britain, but he also spent four years after his death in 1910. The Edwardian period is often viewed as a rather romantic period , particularly because of the strong contrast that we saw in the World War and the relatively peaceful Victorian era before it. English names were no longer the only acceptable names as the popularity and acceptance of Welsh, Irish and other names began slowly to grow. Names were no longer dependent on status because nobles as well as commoners began to share the same names more and more. Many names from the Edwardian era are still popular today, although many have fallen out or changed substantially so as to be considered as being two totally different names. Obviously, Surnames did not change much in this relatively short period and the majority of surnames are still alive and well.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Edwardian Period was considered by many to be the golden age of English literature and architecture. While the Edwardian Era technically lasted for only a brief period of time, it has since become widely recognised as a great time period when art and craftsmanship flourished in England. This was also the first British era to retain its title as being named after the ruling monarch of the day. These were the days when George IV (George V) was known as "The Prince Regent".

With its popularity lasting over a century, there are many popular Edwardian names that have become incredibly popular in the modern world. Amongst the most popular are the name of Anne (also Anne Bonny) and John (John Charles) Fitzherbert, who had one of the most dramatic and famous careers of the century. His name was taken from a local fiefdom, which became part of France. The duke and duchess of Burgundy were the two major landowners who jointly governed the country, and they were often described as the "royals" of England.

Some other common but less famous Edwardian names include Anne of Cleves (Anne Catherina), Mary of Burgundy (Anne of Burgundy), and Sarah of York (Anne Swynford). These are just some of the names that are commonly used in England today. Other popular options include Anne of Denmark (Anne Elisabeth), Anne of Ghent (Anne Gertrude), and Anne of York (Anne Blanche). The name of Anne of Greby has become extremely popular in modern times, and it is believed to have been derived from the Latin word "Annus" which means "a beginning"beginning". A slightly more obscure name, which has a very close link with Edwardian history, is that of Anne Mabel (Annabel Cress). She is thought to have had the same origins as Anne of Burgundy.

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