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This generator generates 15 random names and surnames from Celtic Bretons. Bretons are an ethnic group living mainly in the British region of France. Their lineage dates back to the 3rd century and mainly derives from Brittanic speakers who emigrated to prevent Germanic tribes from invading their lands at that time. However, their roots are also Gaul and Viking, although they are not as strong or common. The exact population of British people today is not known since there is no record of ethnicity in France but it is estimated at 6-8 million. The number of people who speak Breton is much, far lower. Breton names is unique and, just like the Bretons themselves, they have a variety of influences. Many names come from British saints, but generally, surnames are more French and Latin in nature.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Breton people (Brittany: Bretoned) is an ancient Celtic ethnic group originating in historical area Brittany. They trace many of their ancestry to groups of Celtic speakers who migrated from southwest Great Britain, especially Cornwall and Devon, mainly during the early Saxon invasion of England. The name "Brittany" was given by Queen Isabella I (it is pronounced "bee-TAH-eh") during her second visit to France in the fifth century. The name has been used to refer to most of Europe since, but in Scotland and Ireland it is more commonly known as the French Breton or as the English Breton. In England, however, the name is usually derived from the Latin word "brittane," which means "fair."

When the Celtic language was in its modern form in the middle ages, it is not uncommon to see Celtic names in other cultures as well. In the case of the British Isles, you will commonly find names that have some sort of Celtic influence, including the Irish and Welsh, as well as the Cornish and Devon. However, the most common way that people in the region end up with names that have a little of a Celtic influence is by using a variety of different Celtic sounding names. Breton names tend to be derived from the French names of the Breton people. The Breton name of this dialect of French is Breton. Other Breton names that are commonly used are Briond, Brogan, Briond, Danyelle, and Dorian. Some Breton names also have the Breton suffix -yn and include Brann, Brarn, Brardwen, Broderic, and bread.

Although the Breton language has been extinct in the European continent for many centuries, there are still many people who are familiar with the dialect and its unique names and traditions. Many people in Europe and in other parts of the world are familiar with the Breton name as well as its place of origin, including Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada, New Zealand, and other nations. While the Breton language itself has died out, the language's culture and customs have managed to survive, largely due to the Breton name. itself. There are many stories of the traditional way that the Breton people were treated by the Catholics and the Protestants in the Catholic Church.

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