Mermaid/Merman Name Generator

This name generator can create 15 random names for merfolk. Merfolk are of course creatures with the highest human body and a fish-like tail with normal human legs. They are a common being in many fantasy worlds, although sirens are either used or portrayed more frequently than sirens. As far as names are concerned, they can vary a lot from fiction to fiction. In this generator you will usually find water-related names in some shape or another.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The word "mermaid" is used to describe the humanoid creatures commonly seen floating or swimming in water. There is much confusion about which of the many different races of mermaids exist in mythology. However, a good place to start would be to look at the legends that describe mermaids as the mythical creature of Greek mythology. Many of the myths that feature mermaids have a basis in fact, some having origins in actual historical figures such as Aphrodite, who is known to have been a legendary figure in Greece.

A mermaid is sometimes referred to as a mermaid, siren or sirens, while a man called a merman is an example of the type of human-like character that could be considered a merfolk. The female type of merfolk is usually referred to as a mermaid, Triton or siren. A male type of merfolk can also be called a Triton or trion. The most common type of human-like character that could be considered a merfolk in folklore is an aquatic monster, often described as a "sea-witch". Other types of humans that could be considered merfolk include mermaids that do not live in the sea, such as mermaids that live in the rivers and lakes of the world, like the mermaid of the deep.

In most mythological stories of mermaids, there is one defining feature that helps describe the characteristics of all mermaids. There is a mermaid who can shift into a human form into a fish form. This means that they can change between human and fish forms without ever changing from their aquatic state. There are many variations on this theme that are often seen in mermaid movies. Although many of these stories are fictional, there is still a great deal of truth in them when compared to other fairy tales, folklore, and legends.

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