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This name generator gives you 15 random names for imps, and similar smaller creatures. Experiences are sometimes unattractive and mischievous. Originally they were very similar to fairies and were certainly not synonymous with evil. But with the passage of time, fairies are increasingly linked to good, and imps are increasingly linked to bad. Imps were considered smaller goblins, often called demons, but goblins today are mostly seen as non-demonic whereas imps are usually. Imps would pursue human fellowship by tricks and humorous actions, since imps were normally very lonely, but this actions also achieved the opposite. But in these little demons witches and warlocks saw value, which probably explained why the association with evil grew and grew. Imp names tend to sound lighter and more playful than names of larger demons. There are a lot of names in this generator, but most names adopt the same lighter and harder tones, not the darker and softer tones of softer demons. Most names follow the more otherworldly feeling that you often find among names of the devil in many fictional works.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

An Imp is an animal that doesn't have the normal gender and appearance of a child. The imp is usually half male half female. It has been named because of this. It may be called a female Imp but it's really just a baby boy. They are more difficult to care for than a baby boy because the Imp baby is growing so quickly. When an Imp is born its gender is determined before birth. However, as the imp grows and the hormones change it will become a girl.

When the imp comes out of the womb its gender will be determined, but until then it will always be a baby boy. A female imp always follows a different path when it comes out of the womb. It should take a different path, even if there is a good line to follow. It should find a way to follow it to where the imp needs to go.

Any type of path will work. Its mom taught it the right way to go. Its own mother always taught it the right way. The implings always followed the path it took. It's been that way ever since the Imps were born. Any path the imp takes, it will follow it. As long as it is in a place where it can get food and water, the imp will follow.

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