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This name generator gives you fifteen random names for kaiju and other similar monsters. Kaiju are massive monsters, sometimes seen as bigger versions of normal creatures, often with modifications and/or superpowers. The word kaiju is a Japanese term meaning 'strange beast.' It's most commonly used to refer to film genre, but the stories of kaiju come in many different ways today, including television shows and comics. I tried to include all of the numerous names that you would normally find in kaiju tales, but so many names are Japanese, we had to mostly leave them out because we don't really speak Japanese. However, not all the Japanese kaiju names have a meaning, some are only personal names and we have included some of these names in this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Kaiju is a Japanese style of films based on giant monster movies from Japan. The word kaijusu is used to refer to the big monsters themselves, usually portrayed as huge, destructive creatures that are commonly depicted as attacking major cities, or engaging in combat with the military, or even ordinary kaijusu, the smaller type of monster. The Kaiju sub-genre is often referred to as a sub-genre of tokusatsu (toy} entertainment. Kaijusu have been around for centuries in Japan, and have been a staple of children's cartoons, comic books, cartoons and movies since the 1950's. Although these monsters have always been popular in Japan, they are relatively new to the West, with their appearance in films such as Giant Robo, the series of animated movies, and their modern incarnation in the Godzilla movies.

Kaijusu have long been the subject of debate between scientists and anthropologists. Because of their massive size, it's easy to assume that the creatures are giant monsters. In actuality, the giants of Japan's jungles are not actually giants at all; they are actually giant snakes that have grown to such large size they were given the name giant snake. These giant snakes are often used in Chinese culture as part of a kind of fable, a story that depicts a giant snake as a kind of legendary beast. It is believed that in one story, the giant snake swallowed a dragon, which in turn became trapped in the snake's digestive tract.

Kaijusu are actually reptiles that can grow up to 40 feet in length and weigh thousands of pounds, and they are often portrayed as vicious animals. They have been called "the largest, toughest, scariest snake in the world". In the mythology of Japan, the Kaijusu were the first monsters to be created by man. One of the legends says that a giant serpent swallowed the earth when the earth was about to be destroyed, and the Earth Goddess transformed the snake into a huge snake. This snake became a dragon, and when the dragon was killed by humans, the earth was restored, leaving the Earth Serpent as the only inhabitant of the world of today. Kaijusu are known to be the most ferocious creatures on the planet today, and one would think it's a very scary idea to have a giant snake on the screen as a villain!

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