Wookiee Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator can create 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe's Wookiee race. Wookiees are a species of very tall, hairy humanoids. They are similar in a way to representations of what Sasquatch could look like. Wookiees have an exceptionally long lifespan of up to 400 years and it always looked as though they hadn't ageed at all because of their long thought hair, but it finally turns white. Wookiees talk to many in a way which sounds like growls and roars. They can understand other languages, but they can not speak them verbally, adding to the difficulty of interacting with them. Certain names are simple and short, others are extremely long and complex, but they have smoother large sounds and more melodic tones for most names. Here are some examples of names used in the Star Wars universe to show how diverse the names may be: 'Attichitcuk,' 'Bael,' 'Grouaggerl,' 'Lumpawaroo,' 'Nyrkar,' 'Reerookachuck,' 'Tojjevuk,' 'Takook,' 'Wrrlevgebev,' 'Shrandhnrignh' and, of course, 'Chewbacca.' Luckily there were over 200 names available, so we were able to establish naming rules that included the most common types, while not excluding the more unusual names entirely. We skipped some very unusual names such as 'Snufftalon' and 'Grimgrim' because they didn't seem to match the other names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Wookiee is a ferocious and fierce creature, but it is also cunning and wise, with a strong sense of family. Though they are fierce and violent, Wookies are very loyal, intelligent, courageous and loving. Although they are ferocious and wild, when peaceful, they are gentle. When angry, they become fierce and will not cease until the object of their fear is sufficiently destroyed. Although they are not very intelligent, they are not stupid; though they do have a tendency to be stubborn and not listen to what you say, if you stick with them, you will eventually learn a thing or two about Wookiee vocabulary and their culture as a whole.

Although not much is known about the history of the Wookies, there is a legend that says that they are related to a race of small creatures known as the Wookies. These creatures lived among the primitive human tribes as early as fifty thousand years ago. These primitive people of the time would tame these Wookiee for food, and then later on they would adopt the names of these Wookiee. It is believed that these people of early days had a very long life span, and that their ancestors were much older than those of modern humans. Some of their ancestors were warriors who fought against the other primitive tribes and kept them away from the Wookiee. They later became hunters and hunted the other tribes' animals. One of these animals was the Wookie, and these were known to serve in the army of the Wookiee King of Kashyyyk, Yendor.

The Wookie is not only a brave creature, but he is also a very devoted member of the tribe and has a very deep respect for the other members of the tribe. It is said that the king of Kashyyyk, Yendor, will sacrifice himself to the Wookie in order to protect him from the evil forces of the evil Wookiee tribe. As a leader of the Wookiee, Yendor is respected and revered by his men, because he leads them in a manner of honoring and worshiping him. Because of the love and respect that the Wookies have for their leader, the leader of the Wookies gives up his own life in return to save the life of his followers, so that he may lead them to greater success.

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