Ogre Name Generator (Magic: The Gathering)

This name generator will send you 15 random ogre names fit for the Magic: The Gathering Universe. Ogres is massive, bulking humanoids with relatively low intellect but a tremendous bloodlust and ferocity to make up for it. They come in many different ways and on many different aircraft, but all but a few share the same low intelligence and vicious disposition. In certain cases their low intelligence does more harm than good. On the one hand they prefer to do whatever they want, eat whatever they want and live with the repercussions this brings with them in their own violent ways. On the other hand, they are easily misleading and sometimes used as burden beasts or worse. Ogre names are typically very guttural and often very short. Big and harsh tones are the dominant tones in their names, although some softer tones show up here and there, but typically not enough for many soft ogre names to sound. There was plenty to work with as far as common card names go and so much to build a good foundation for this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

One of the most interesting races in Magic: The Gathering is the Ogres. They're a little like Goblins in that they're a small, ugly race, but they have one key difference: they've got guns. The Ogres are primarily a melee-focused race but can also come in handy for controlling their enemies. In fact, some Ogres are quite good with guns. Because of this, they are considered to be the best choice for a character in the game.

There are a couple of different Ogres you can choose from in the Magic: The Gathering set, ranging from Keld to Otaria. You can find Ogres in both Keld and Otaria. Some of these Ogres will be quite powerful, while others will fall short in their abilities. The biggest difference between these two is that Otaria has many more ogres, while Keld has more monsters. For example, Keld has ogres that can transform into flying beasts, and Otaria has flying beasts that transform into ogres. In addition, Keld also has several giants that can attack with their fists and even heal themselves with regeneration spells.

There's another important race that isn't an ogre: Magic: The Gathering's first Planeswalker, Ajani Goldmane. He's a white, blue, and red planeswalker. If you like playing large creatures, Ajani is definitely for you. While some people might think that he's too big for a Planeswalker, that's not the case at all. His large size is simply an asset in a world full of other large creatures, including himself. The rest of his colorings make him a great pick, especially if you want something that's not only a great Planeswalker, but a decent caster as well.