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This name generator will create 15 random names for the Skylanders games characters, but they may function just as well as, for example, nicknames or usernames. Skylanders is a game in which you place actual figures on a platform called the Power Portal. This computer can read the character tag, and then attempt to import it into the world of games. It can then be used as that character to play the game but only for as long as the player stays on the computer. The game contains famous characters such as Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot but the game itself is not related to either of them. The names of Skylanders are typically either play on words or otherwise amusing names or simple nicknames. Names such as Mysticat, Tae Kwon Crow, Hood Sickle, Flare Fox, Golden Queen and Boom Bloom. In this generator we focussed on both forms of names. The first 5 names will be the play on words, puns and the like, while the last 5 names will be the nickname-esque names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Skylanders is an animated toys-to-life interactive action-adventure game franchise created by Activision. Inspired by the popular Spyro series of games, Skylanders video games are played by simply putting plastic character figures called the various Skylands into play. When a Skylanders falls into the wrong hands, he becomes the object of hatred and/or worship in the game's story. Depending on the game, these Skylands may be controlled by another player or by one's own child. A child can either select his/her Skylanders to fight as an ally in battle, or as a primary attacker, like Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the first installment of this series, Skylands included only three different Skylands to choose from: Skylands, Twilight Town, and Bouldin Bottom. In Skylanders Giants, more than twenty Skylands have been introduced. This game features many new Skyland characters, including Wreck-It Ralph, and Dr. Neo Cortex. The newest Skylands introduced in Skylanders Giants, Skylands Glow, was added to the game as a free download in October 2020. The game allows players to create their own Skylanders character in the game, choosing from a wide range of available Skylands and characters. Skylanders Giants was developed for the Nintendo DSi console. It also includes support for other Nintendo handheld consoles, such as Nintendo DSi XL.

The series has proven so successful that it is being adapted into a television series in the United States. The television show, created by Tony Gresch, centers around the titular character, Spyro, and his friends, who also have their own team of Skylands to help them with their adventures. Skylanders Giants, which was released as a video game in early 2020, received high reviews by critics, and has become one of the most successful video games in history. To date, Skylands continues to be one of the most popular collectible collectibles.

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