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A demonym, also known as gentilic, is a word used for people (or things) in a place such as 'American', 'African', 'Martian' or 'Earthican.' This generator produces a random demonym based or on a random name that can be used to name yourself. Demonyms can become a bit strange, often depending on the history and language behind the place of origin. For instance, the Netherlands is Dutch, Malagasy is Madagascar, and Danes are from Denmark. This generator generates a number of random demonyms in different styles, but as you probably have names for the different places in your own universe, there is also an option to replace it and generate an array of random demonyms based on it.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Demonyms? This question seems to be common with young people who want to know if they can be friends with them. The answer is no, you cannot. I think this is what a lot of them do not understand. They may think that they can be friends with them and at the same time they may be friends with them because they have been friends for so long, but this is not possible.

A Demonyms is a slang word which is used by people of different ages to refer to each other and it also has an exact meaning. It means a nickname that is given to a person by another. If you look into the past history of mankind, the term was used a lot in order to refer to others. In the old days the person whom we called Demi could be anyone, young or old. The use of this word has been common among the people of different age groups. As the years passed by, a lot of people started to use this word to refer to themselves. It is not a new concept in itself but it did take root in the present era because of the high level of technology and communication that existed then.

So, what is a Demonyms then? In short it is a nickname which a person gives to another in order to refer to that person as someone who is very close to him or her. However the fact remains that you cannot be friends with someone just because they call you Demi. A Demonym is a nickname that was given by a person in order to refer to another. The person who calls someone Demi is not actually calling the person as his friend but he is simply referring to that person as his or her friend. A Demonym does not have any relation with the person who is being called as his or her friend by another.

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