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The Kikuyu people are the largest ethnic group living in Kenya, with a population of just under 7 million people. This name generator will call you 15 random Kikuyuk. The name Kikuyu comes from the word g everyday life, which in turn is derived from their mythology, which means 'great sycamore tree.' The Kikuyu people are a Bantu, and hence their language is a Bantu language. They have both been created by God and were the original parents of the Kikuyu people. As such, the Kikuyu names are common compared to one of the many other Bantu languages. The names of Kikuyu will certainly be confusing to people who do not know their conventions. The Kikuyu will rotate by names, which will make sure their elderly are reincarnated with their children's names, but it ensures that names are issued in particular orders. The firstborn son will receive his father's first name, and the firstborn son's father's grandmother's last name. The second born takes the last names of the mother's ancestors and goes on to the uncles and aunts. Their last name is the father's first name. Then there may also be a name for a baptism, which is the real first name, but also the name preferred or not present or used. So if a man named Njomo Kamande, whose father's name is Kamande Wanderi, has a male firstborn child , the child is Wanderi Njomo.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

If you are looking for names for your newborn, you may want to consider giving a name to the Kikuyu. The Kikuyu migrated to their new territory in the north in the early to mid-17th century from their native area in the east. Their traditional economy depended on intensive horticulture of millet (peas, beans, peas, and sorghum), corn, peas, and sweet potato. Animal husbandry was also an important supplementary source.

The patrilineal clan is the patrilineal generation of male warriors and chiefs, as well as their wives and female relatives. The females and female kinsmen form a matrilineal class who married into the patrilines. Each individual is assigned a rank depending on his relationship to his father. The clan's name came from its capital in the north, which was Kipini-Lolo. This was the name given by the chief to the community during a ceremony to honor his father.

In the modern state of Kenya, the Kikuyu are still in existence as a tribal group. Most of the time, they are found in areas that are very mountainous, where agriculture is not practical. They are also found in remote areas where there are fewer people. There are also many tribes and villages that are populated by Kikuyu, but due to isolation and poor social status they live in smaller groups.

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