Belt Name Generator

This name generator gives you fifteen random names for belts and the like. The names are divided into four different groups, depending on how the name is made. The names and divisions are very self-explainable, but here is a short summary: - The first two names are 'Belt of adjective nouns.' -- The next two names are like the first 2, but with added content. -- The following 3 names are the names of "(Adjective) Material Belt." -- The next three names are '(Adjective) Noun' names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The evolution of naval warfare has seen the addition of new types of naval weaponry such as armaments like belts and armor to arm the ship's against their enemy. This has become necessary because of the increasing complexity in ship construction as well as technological advances in ships and their operations. As a result, each type of ship has its own characteristics and unique way of operating. These unique characteristics have to be considered while designing and building a ship, especially a battleship.

Today's battleships can carry modern day armor as well as other heavy weapons. Adding to that other answers: belts. As mentioned, belt armor was originally developed for torpedo armor during World War II. Torpedo belts, designed to detonate before a torpedo hit the hull, were first shown in action during World War II, when they were used on German battleships. In general, though, belt armor is now seen as obsolete and does not play an important role in a battleship's defense, which is why it is often removed or replaced with the newer forms of armor that are in service. These newer forms of armor are more powerful, durable and can withstand a greater amount of damage. Belt armor, therefore, should be added to battleships that are in need of protection against multiple salvos of smaller caliber bombs.

Other answers include belts and armor used to reduce the effectiveness of enemy mines and torpedoes. These forms of belt armor have proven to be very effective against the mines used by opponents in World War II and continue to be useful today. They are also effective against other types of smaller, highly maneuverable weapons, like anti-torpedo tubes. As a result of the recent use of anti-torpedo belts to protect naval vessels from enemy attacks, however, battleships of today are not as heavily armored as battleships of the past. This is due to new developments in anti-torpedo technology that have made anti-torpedo tubes far less effective at preventing them from damaging an enemy warship, even in the case of heavy flooding. Modern battleships use modern types of armor and belt armor to reduce the effects of these weapons and increase the level of protection against these dangerous weapons that can easily destroy an armor plate.