Podling Name Generator (The Dark Crystal)

This name generator will send you 15 random names appropriate for The Dark Crystal Universe's Podlings part. Podlings are tiny, potato-headed beings who enjoy nothing more than singing, tending their gardens and making music. They are living in giant seed-pods, that is their name. But the name in their native tongue, in English, is "apopiapoiopidiappidiapipob," or "master gardeners living in bulging plants." They existed in relative peace for centuries, but their peaceful existence did not last during the Age of Division (when urSkeks split into Skeksis and UrRus). Not many podling names remain, but those who do are usually short and plain. Male names can be as short as one syllable and female names can be as long as 3 syllables. But even those longer names are typically melodic and easily pronounceable.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Podling, or Pod people, are an extremely friendly race in The Dark Crystal film series. They live in the pod village, which is situated in the forest of Thra, situated near the mountains of Ulthar. The pod village was built by a tribe of goslings who had lived among the Thra trees for generations, but were forced to relocate by the cruel king, Draegan. He was also one of the first men in this world to see a comet streaking across the sky, and because of this he offered them a spot on his ship, as well as the ability to travel to the other planets. When Draegan's son, Xanthus, learns of his father's offer, he is forced to steal a Podling egg from the cave of the tribe so that it can hatch into a baby.

Xanthus manages to steal the egg from the cave, but is captured by Draegan. When Draegan is killed by a fire elemental, Xanthus escapes to find out who killed him, and learns that the podling tribe was led by a Podling named Podling-Drake. However, Draegan's body is never found, and his head is never buried. With his death, the podling race becomes extinct, as they have no more place to call home. Xanthus decides to return to the village and to rescue the remaining holdings. After defeating his enemies and defeating Draegan's henchman, Xanthus arrives just in time to see the arrival of a group of three other podlings - the Podling-Rippers.

Podling-Rippers are very tough, as well as incredibly quick, but when compared with the three other postings, they are easy to defeat. Podling-Rippers, however, do not have any interest in being evil and are willing to help the three other postings against the two human beings. Once the three podlings are able to defeat the human beings, they take them back to the village to be worshiped by all of the postings. Their religion quickly spreads throughout the village, and the three podlings live out their lives peacefully, until one day, three hundred years after Draegan's death, a group of three hundred warriors, led by two-headed warrior-pig, arrives at the village to take the podlings away.