Elf Name Generator (The Witcher)

This name generator will send you 15 random names appropriate for elves part of The Witcher Universe. The elves are one of the Elder Races, meaning they are older than humans, but both dwarves and gnomes are older than elves as a species, but despite this the humans have managed to conquer large parts of the continent and are at war with the elves. In appearance, the elves are similar to humans, but they do not have cuspids, or canine teeth, they are usually more stunning and they have ears pointed. They 're even able to share very different names with humans and dryads. Elf. Some have human names, some have melodic names and more sinister sounding names. This made the generator very difficult to make. Their surnames are varied but they are small in number. Many do seem to follow a pattern of 'child of' such as 'Cairbre aep Diared,' 'Filavandrel aen Fidháil' and 'Enid a Gleanna.' 'Aep' appears more often, while 'aen' and 'an' appear only once, so if you want your character to adopt the 'kids' pattern we recommend using 'aep' and then a parent name.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The protagonist in The Witcher is a young man named Geralt of Rivia who is on a mission to save his family, friends, and people of the world. The witcher is a member of the witchers of the wild hunt, who are called elves in the game. He was born to be a member of this group, and to fulfill his destiny he has been tasked by his father to find the legendary and powerful elven goddess, Sylvana, and protect her.

The elves of the wild hunt are a special unit that was once commanded by King Radovid but are now loyal to the emperor of Nilfgaard. The queen of Nilfgaard, Anastasia Lin, is also an elf, and her loyalty lies with her lover, Griggs. Although the queen's son, Duke Fabian, has sworn allegiance to Radovid's reign, she has allowed her brother to lead the troops while she takes care of the preparations for war with the elves of the wild hunt.

Random elves do not appear randomly in the game. Instead, they are recruited by either the player or by the side they choose. Unlike other companions, however, random elves are not allowed to help in the combat, as they have to complete their task first. They can be found in various places in the game, but the player must collect enough intelligence about these elves before they are allowed to become part of the player's army. If they are discovered, they are either executed or taken as prisoners to be sold as slaves or sex slaves, depending on the specific race of the player character.

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