X-men Name Generator

This generator of names will produce names suitable for X-Men in the Marvel Universe of Disney, but many names will also match similar types of mutants and superheroes. The names were based on current X-men names, but all names are original or at least original when we developed this generator. We didn't distinguish gender-based names, because they're all descriptive and pretty much unisex. Some names could suit one gender a little better than the other, but depending on the context all names might work for anyone.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

When you think of comic books and superheroes, the first image that comes to mind is probably the Super-hero or "mutant" like X-Men. Many people do not realize that there are several other super heroes that can be called "mutant" that have not made it to the big screen. The Fantastic Four is one of these comic books that were written by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963. The Fantastic Four was a super hero team comprised of the four members of the Fantastic Four: Invisible Woman, the Invisible Boy, the Human Torch, and the Thing. This comic book series would soon become very popular among the readers of the comic book.

The Fantastic Four became popular because of its combination of being a super hero team along with the main characters being a family, each member with their own personality and uniqueness. The Fantastic Four also introduced a new breed of super heroes to the comic book world known as the Inhumans, which would become popular for many years. The Inhumans were a race of people with special powers who were a part of the human race but were considered different, as well as somewhat unique in their own rights. The Inhumans were originally created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, who later made a second run with them before they were finally canceled by Marvel Comics in 1977.

Over the years, these two super heroes that we know today became very popular among comic book fans. During this time, they were also the most famous superheroes in the world, with almost every super hero or superhero in comics' history being their fan's favorite. The Fantastic Four and The Inhumans have remained popular throughout the decades because of their appeal to both readers and superheroes. Fans have always loved these super heroes because of their uniqueness and their ability to fight crime. The Fantastic Four and The Inhumans have always been at the top of the super hero charts. So why not start reading these two super heroes today?

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