Legendary Creature Name Generator

The names provided by this generator are based on the names of famous legendary creatures, such as the phoenix, minotaur, kelpie, wyverns, undeine, and satyr and so on. As such, the names of this generator function well for other mythical beings such as the bruxa, alghoul, striga and zeugl, similar to the several fictional ones in the series The Witcher. This generator often produces names randomly based on individuals from other cultures, so there's a lot of variations, but that means that certain results are probably less useful for you.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

When the term fantasy first came into use, it was often used to describe the imaginary world created by imaginative people who have no factual information about that imaginary world. As time passed, however, the concept of fantasy has expanded and the definition of fantasy itself has changed significantly. While there were several stories that were considered fantasy in earlier times, the term "fantasy" was often applied to an artistic type of storytelling that takes place in the mind of the author and is characterized by elements of fantasy. Some examples of these stories include stories written as children's literature or fairy tales and were later on included in children's plays. However, even though many of the stories considered to be "fantasy" in the past were set in imaginary worlds, the word "fantasy" today is generally associated with more mature stories, some of which are based in real-world events. Some of the most popular modern works of fantasy are those that have appeared in the Harry Potter series.

Although there are a number of different types of mythical creatures that are used in fantasy fiction, there are a few basic ones that have become standard and familiar in most fantasy stories. The first and most popular of these creatures is the dragon. In many fantasy novels and stories, the dragon is portrayed as a fearsome and powerful force, sometimes a highly intelligent being that possesses mystical powers. Dragons are often depicted as the main antagonists of the story and they frequently possess magical qualities that give them the ability to do incredible things. Dragons are also often known to be extremely dangerous to humans and can only be tamed by powerful beings.

Another legendary creature is the mermaid. Like dragons, mermaids are also depicted as highly powerful beings with magical powers that can control the weather. In most stories, mermaids are the subjects of love triangles, where one woman is in love with one of the mermaids and another tries to seduce them. These kinds of stories are common in contemporary fantasies. Many authors also choose to use other mythical creatures as their main characters, such as vampires or dragons. The most popular fictional monsters are often ones that are based on real-world elements, such as fairies, monsters and unicorns.

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