Twili Name Generator (Legend Of Zelda)

This generator will create 15 random names appropriate for the Zelda Universe Legend's Twili. The Twili are a race of small, mostly black and white, very docile-looking creatures living in the Twilight realm. Looks, however, are deceiving, as the Twili were once formidable sorcerers who tried to take control of the Holy realm. Fortunately, the goddesses Din, Nayru and Farore, who exiled these sorcerers to the Shadow World, stopped and captured them, and over time they transformed into the beings now known as the Twili. In terms of names there were only 2 called Twili at the time we built this generator. Zant, a male Twili, and a female Midna. This is hardly enough to build any true, varied naming conventions with, but nevertheless we used their two names as a prototype. All names will always be 4-5 letters long and female names will often end in a vowel.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Twili are descendents of an ancient tribe of Hylian witches from Hyrule, known as the Twili, that are called Interlopers in Ocarina of Time. They are not evil and are in fact the ones responsible for bringing Ganon to Hyrule. Some say that the Twili have been banished to Hyrule in a time of war. Others say that the Twili were banished by the Royal Family of Hyrule when the King of Hyrule was looking to unite his kingdom with the rest of the world in order to conquer Ganon.

When the Royal Family was banished, Ganon and the other monsters that lived in Hyrule grew in number. They were also very hostile to the Royal Family and the humans that lived in Hyrule. The Twili sought to bring peace back into Hyrule after the devastation of Ganon's rule. For the Twili, the three items in the game known as the Triforce are mystical symbols that can change one into a powerful being of great power. These symbols can only be obtained through many years of study. This is because the three items are guarded by the Gerudo Desert where the Gerudo people live and practice witchcraft. The Gerudo are fierce warriors that use the three items to fight for the King of Hyrule.

In the first days of the game, Ganon attacks Hyrule and tries to capture the three items. He then uses the three evil characters who do not want to be transformed to help him in his cause. The King of Hyrule sends out the Royal Family to take care of the problem. The King of Hyrule sends the Sheik to travel to the place where Ganon is located. The Sheik defeats Ganon and returns the three items to the Royal Family, the King and Princess Zelda in turn.

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