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Romania is a country in south-east Europe with about 20 million inhabitants. This generator produces 15 random Romanian names. Like several countries in Eastern Europe, Romania regained independence from Russia in 1989 and started to turn itself into a capitalist economy. Regrettably, Romania is known to be one of the most disadvantaged countries in Europe and, in general, the economy has been on the rise, with Romania following the same structure as many Western countries, a first name preceded by a nickname. Unlike several once Russian-occupied countries, Romanian surnames often have no Russian patronymic scheme, but some names pop up here.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Romania, also known as Romania to the Greeks, is the official language of Romania. While there is some influence from other European languages as well, most Romanian surnames have their origins in the Indo-European language family. This means that they are actually derived from one or more Indo-European root words that originated in the area between the Black and the Mediterranean Seas. The Indo-Europeans were an ancient culture who spread across Europe. They had a vast empire in Asia, Africa, and North Africa.

Some of the common Romanian names include Bui, which is derived from Bui, the ancient name for Romania. Another common name is Bratun, which is derived from Bratun, a town on the banks of Danube River. Another common name is Bratiu, which comes from Bratiu, an early Roman name meaning "fort". Another name is Brik, which comes from Branko, an early Romanian king. Another popular name in Romania is Fico, which means "son of grain". Another popular name is Fikrit, which means "fist".

Another famous Romanian surname is Mihailovich. This surname derives from Mihailovich, which is the name of a Russian nobleman. There is a possibility that he might have become an important figure in the Russian Empire or in the Romanian army during the early years, and his given name came to be adopted by many of his descendants.

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